Quiero un amor

Quiero un amor libre

no quiero dos personas que se juntan por necesidad,

porque se necesitan

quiero un amor en el que dos personas libres

elijan compartir sus momentos

y no se aten

sino que permanezcan juntas

y a la vez, libres

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  1. Anonymous Dice:


    wish i could understand all those words. jeje

    tu amiga,

  2. Hai my dear Noli!

    i'll try to translate... it's not exact :-)

    I want a love

    I want a free love
    I don't want two persons united by needs,
    because they need each other
    Instead, I want a love in wich two free persons
    choose to share their moments
    and don't tie each other
    but stay together
    and, in the same time, stay free